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Most Americans agree that it's time for a change, but few have a plan which amounts to much more than a pandering to special interests. Of those who do offer a solution, none have anything as effective, simple or efficient as The 10% Plan. Read The 10% Plan and its explanation for free on this site. Please read the information below to gain free access to important sections of the book, Uniting America. The 10% Plan can Accomplish a Number of Important Things Including: This form below will allow you to subscribe to our free mailing list and will keep you in touch with our efforts to bring some fiscal sanity back to our governmental systems. You will be sent an email that asks for your confirmation of the mailing list subscription (which you may cancel at any time) and a "Welcome" email will be sent back to you with the link information to access our free download page. Thank you for your interest and we hope to encourage your participation as well.        
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