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NPR and Wikipedia

Our profits from printed materials and electronic distribution of eBooks and media are split with chosen organizations that have demonstrated their ability to use funds wisely as they attempt to make the world a better place. One of our main goals at is to work together with other active public entities that share our commitment to clear communication. At this time, Chance Addison has pledged to split all profits from these ventures 50/50 with present donation commitments to National Public Radio, and Wikipedia. These two organizations, one private and one that is semi-public in its structure, are fine examples of this positive dedication to motives that go beyond profit and we are proud to support them. If your organization wishes to participate in our program, please use our contact us page and we will be happy to consider additional partitioning of the resources in the future. *** We understand that while everybody loves Wikipedia, there are many conservatives that just cannot stand NPR. If you are still here, we ask you to give the darn thing a listen every once in a while and you will see that your tax dollars get a fair deal on this one. Sure, there are some strong lefty positions sometimes, but this is a resource that we all need.

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