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Chance Addison vs City of Spokane

UPDATE 03-01-2012: Instead of just informing me that I could file for ADU status with the city and therefore be in 100% compliance, Mr. Emmerson of code enforcement has chosen to continue to harass and threaten me. The original complaint on which he acts was lodged by a disgruntled former Product Representative after he discovered that I had turned over evidence to the police which proves he committed mail fraud, felony theft and embezzlement. As a result of Mr. Emmerson's continuing harassment, my partners/roommates/tenants and I have decided to investigate ending business operations in Washington State and instead of being productive members of society we will apply for food stamps (your tax dollars), and I will apply for some type of mortgage assistance (your tax dollars), or allow the property in question to enter foreclosure (devalues our city). I have also submitted a formal complaint to the ACLU listing the violations of my constitutional rights. It's looking like there will be one more business pushed out of Spokane, thanks to your city's tax dollars, hard at work. ~ Chance Addison On February 21st, 2012, I filed a police report with the Spokane Police Department (SPD) which described the felonious actions of Ralph Schneider. At the time of this filing I submitted evidence provided to me by a witness to the crimes. This witness had already unknowingly purchased stolen merchandise from Mr. Schneider on three occasions, and had submitted another order two days before we first made contact about this issue. The witness provided a picture of a canceled check which was originally written to Addison E-Cigarettes for $265 on January 5th, 2012. Mr. Schneider had contacted the witness and had this check reissued in his name. She also provided pictures of two more checks written for the purchase of property stolen from Addison E-Cigarettes. Additionally, she turned over multiple emails and texts from Mr. Schneider which proved he did in fact possess property stolen from Addison E-Cigarettes on or before January 5th, 2012. These communications also contain evidence of conspiracy, mail fraud, deceptive business practices, a three-person conspiracy to commit tax evasion, and a three-person, two-company conspiracy to infringe upon the protected trademarks belonging to Addison E-Cigarettes. All of this information was provided to the SPD. The witness was also kind enough to increase her pending order, and when the stolen merchandise arrived she delivered it to the Tri-Cities Police Department, where the contents were inventoried and photographed. This new information was also provided to the SPD. When I filed my original police report the man working the desk hand-wrote the name and number of a Fraud Detective; apparently this man did not know that the fraud department had been eliminated from the SPD budget. Therefore, I never received any response to my calls. Mr. Schneider sent an email to me on February 20th, 2012, demanding that his final commission check to be mailed immediately. Four days later, Mr. Schneider discovered that I had proof that he committed felony theft and four counts of mail fraud. At 6 AM on February 27th, 2012, I received an email from Mr. Schneider which affirmed that he did in fact possess property stolen from Addison E-Cigarettes on or before January 5th, 2012. He offered me 40 cents on the dollar for the inventory he possessed on February 16th, 2012, which was six weeks after his last access to merchandise belonging to Addison E-Cigarettes. I obtained this inventory from an email Mr. Schneider sent to his intended customer on February 16th, 2012, and the value of the stolen merchandise in his possession on February 16th, 2012 was $1724, indicating that Mr. Schneider had stolen at least $10,000 worth of merchandise belonging to Addison E-Cigarettes. The SPD report has been updated with this information, and I appeared at a city council meeting on February 27th, 2012 to read the following letter: To the Spokane Police Department the City of Spokane, and relevant officials, I personally delivered incontrovertible evidence to the Spokane Police Department (SPD) on 02-21-2012, proving that Mr. Ralph Schneider committed several felonious violations of both Washington State and federal law, including but not limited to felony theft, embezzlement and mail fraud. This evidence included a notarized witness statement, pictures of negotiated checks, a recording of the original telephone contact with the witness, and emails and texts from Mr. Schneider to the witness. The Tri-Cities police department intercepted a package of stolen items received by Mr. Schneider's customer on 02-22-2012. The contents have been photographed, and are of merchandise stolen from Addison E-Cigarettes. For your reference, the SPD case number is SP12-52533 An updated digital file containing most of the current collection of digitized evidence has been included for your convenience. The most current data includes an email from Mr. Schneider on 02-26-2012, in which he admits that he does or did at one time illegally possess trademark-protected property belonging to Addison E-Cigarettes, and that he does in fact owe Addison E-Cigarettes for this product. In light of the evidence already provided to the Spokane Police Department on 02-22-2012 this confession also amounts to an admission that Mr. Schneider did in fact commit embezzlement, mail fraud and felony theft. As of 02-27-2012, no action has been taken on this issue, and Mr. Schneider continues to infringe upon the registered trademarks of Addison E-Cigarettes by selling property stolen from Addison E-Cigarettes before 01-06-2012. I will therefore be initiating a civil action against Mr. Schneider and his fellow conspirators, and due to the inaction of Spokane Police Department I will be naming the City of Spokane as a party with some amount of liability for my business' continuing losses. Therefore, any financial damage to Addison E-Cigarettes' or its trademarks after 02-22-2012 will be billed to the City of Spokane if this matter is not acted upon immediately. Sincerely, Chance Addison, Owner Addison E-Cigarettes 3623 E. 29th Ave Spokane, WA 99223 509-534-0196 The preceding letter was sent by registered mail on February 27th, 2012, to the Office of the Mayor of Spokane, the SPD, the Prosecutors Office, the U.S. Attorney and the Attorney for the City of Spokane, only hours before Mr. Emmerson of code enforcement contacted me. Mr. Schneider had the bright idea to call code enforcement to try to use your tax dollars to shut down my business. Please keep in mind that Mr. Schneider is a felon five times over in 2012 alone, while I have created four business owners just this year in Spokane, and three in other states. The inaction of the SPD and city officials will eventually cost the City of Spokane, which really means the taxpayers of Spokane. Mr. Schneider should have been arrested no later than the 22nd of February, 2012, but the SPD has allowed him to continue to damage the value of the trademarked brands belonging to Addison E-Cigarettes by dumping stolen merchandise. If the SPD had handled the case against Mr. Schneider appropriately the merchandise belonging to Addison E-Cigarettes would not have been used to damage these trademark-protected brands. Therefore, there is a irrefutable connection between the losses which Addison E-Cigarettes continues to experience throughout the Northwest and the lack of appropriate action on behalf of the local authorities. This message was posted on this site on February 29th, 2012, and it serves as my public announcement that I intend to sue the City of Spokane, as well as Mr. Schneider and any person or entity who assisted Mr. Schneider in committing his crimes. At this time I will not disclose the exact value of the claim in this pending lawsuit, or the complete list of defendants, but I estimate that a strong case can be made somewhere in the six-digit range. An additional charge will be added to this claim against the City of Spokane to compensate me for any loss of time I experience due to harassment by Scott Emmerson on Spokane Code Enforcement, due to the fact that he is acting on a false report of code violations submitted by a felon in an effort to cause me irreparable financial harm. To the People of Spokane: These are your tax dollars hard at work. Please call City Hall, the SPD, the Mayor and the Offices of the Prosecutor and U.S. Attorney and let them know how you feel about this mis-allocation of your tax dollars. Chance Addison, Taxpayer and the Next Recipient of Your Wasted Tax Dollars

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